What our Happy Clients Say

As a publisher, me and my whole company always try to highlight such content that is made way out of the box. Regardless of even, it is published by any of the competitors, we try to promote the content for the sake of knowledge. T-Rex Triplets’ series is far the best draft I had read, and I offered the author to have free publication just because the stories she had made are beyond perfection. This gem can teach a new way to think and all the children can easily relate to the tales

While teaching in the class, we need to follow the books assigned by the management. Sometimes I went through weird stories while teaching students that also made me feel worried that what sort of content these days is published. Especially if it is about fiction. After reading the beautiful drafts by Denise, I literally felt like this was missing in the course outline of my students. I requested management to add the series T-Rex Triplets to add them in the course books and I am so glad that now every student likes to read the lovely tales of T-Rex Triplets. Cheers! Denise

My sisters always wanted to get the best rhyme books, even they wanted them to be pre-book. But that was for only their favorite characters and stories they used to follow. No new character was allowed in their world. They always used to talk about the characters they used to read all over the house. But guess what, now they only are talking about T-Rex Triplets and their stories all the time. Plus, they already had made me order all of the series already. It was really unexpected for them to add a new storybook to their shelves but I am happy that something bought

Bringing up children sometimes get a tough job, trying to drive them to the right corner also become a big task. Keeping their reading habits was getting really tough, they always wanted to brose on my phone or play on their consoles. After getting hands-on T-Rex Triplets, kiddos are like the addicted to them. Now they are getting more into stories and have started fantasying their world. 10/10 to Denise who really turned their hobby, it`s really a work of art.